Thursday, November 6, 2008

Review of "It Wasn't Raining When Noah Built the Ark"

Title: It Wasn’t Raining When Noah Built the Ark
Author: Tami Girsberger
Publisher: Leatherwood Press
Genre: Nonfiction
Year Published: 2008
Number of Pages: 168
Binding: Paperback
ISBN13: 978-1-59992-085-6
Price: $12.95

Reviewed by Karen Hamilton

“…Why is it such a challenge to follow the Boy Scout motto to Be
Prepared? I think we simply don’t know how to prepare, or at least how
to prepare efficiently and STAY prepared……How do you decide which
information is valid? How do you collect the very best ideas for
preparing yourself and your family?” (p7) Tami Girsberger has put many
ideas into simple formats that are easy to understand and not
overwhelming to read.

There are twenty-four chapters that deal with separate issues of
preparedness., from the simple and most basic to the more advanced and
long term preparedness issues. There is no being overwhelmed by the
information that is presented. The information is presented in such a
way that it is easy and simple to use. The book is organized so that if
there is a specific topic that is more urgent to work on, it is at your

This book covers Preparing your Family, Preparing your Home, Emergency
Packs, Preparing your Vehicle, Your workplace, Family first-aid kits,
Water storage, Sanitation, a Three-month supply, One-year supply,
Important Documents, Family Finances, In the event of an Evacuation,
Preparing for a Pandemic, Sheltering in Place, Staying warm without
electricity, Cooking without electricity, Becoming a CERT Volunteer,
Establishing a Neighborhood Plan, Basic Block plan, Candle Can,
Generators, Neighborhood survey, and last but not least State Offices
and Agencies of Emergency Management.

In the chapters Preparing your Family and Preparing your Home, you will
find information that most children learn in school at one point or the
other. Tami Girsberger gives step by step instruction and explains the
steps in a way that makes sense. Some of the suggestions are ones that
should be second nature to all of us: if you have an emergency plan,
practice it until it is habit, use friends and family as a resource in
an emergency, secure the water tank as this can become a water source in
case of a disaster, etc.

There are similar suggestions and lists in each of the chapters. Some of
the needed items Tami Grisberger suggested I had not thought of and some
I had not thought of needing. This is a book that I will be giving as
gifts to my family for Christmas so that they to can benefit from the
information provided. I strongly and highly recommend this book to all
who want to be prepared for what life may throw at them. After all, one
does not rise above a disaster, but rather sinks to the lowest level of

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