Thursday, November 6, 2008

Review of "Finding Peace"

Title: Finding Peace: Steps to Overcoming Guilt for Latter-day Saints
Author: Betsy Chatlin, LCSW
Publisher: Leatherwood Press
Genre: Non fiction/ Motivational
Year Published: 2008
Number of Pages: 189
Binding: Paperback
ISBN13: 978-1-59992-087-0
Price: $16.95

Reviewed by Karen Hamilton

Betsy Chatlin has a way of writing that is soothing, peaceful and
motivational. She is a clinical social worker and is able to connect
with those who are seeking peace and relief from guilt. With all that
she has experienced and learned in her years of service, it is amazing
that the spirit of compassion is still alive and strong in her.

The chapters are designed to cover one aspect of guilt and what it does
to individuals. The first chapter is one of hope and is encouraging.
This is the perfect way to start a book about guilt. Chatlin encourages
everyone to find “glimmers of hope” to start to overcome guilt and to
understand that life is made of “pieces of joy."

“Guilt is a pebble with the potential of a pearl. Unfortunately,
sometimes guilt is a boulder. But even a boulder has the potential of a
pearl. …….. I think of a pearl as beautiful, choice- a treasure. Guilt
is something to be taken care of, and the result is a decrease in the
pain, but it is not something to cherish that is beautiful. ….. Guilt is
not beautiful. …. But the eternal truth is that we must learn the
lessons from our guilt, then keep the instruction and the
transformation. We must leave the acute pain of the guilt behind and
stop defining ourselves by the sin, transgression or mistake that led to
the guilt.” (pgs. 20-21)

Chatlin expresses the reality of guilt in simple terms that are easy to
grasp. She shows that guilt is different for everyone, even when there
are similar circumstances. “As pain is to the body, so conscience is to
the soul. While physical pain has dozens of balms in bottles, tubes or
jars, there is only one remedy for a pain stricken conscience: that
remedy is repentance.” (pg. 29)

The questions that Chatlin poses are thought provoking, and cause one to
seek the answers for themselves. One such question is, What does
happiness look like? I am fairly sure that it is different for everyone.
My happiness involves a clean home and a happy husband and children;
maybe with the bills paid. I’m not asking for much. Happiness can also
change, depending on circumstances and age.

This is a book that is written with gentle guidance and loving concern
for those who are struggling with guilt. With the easy to grasp writing
I recommend this book for Church leaders, parents, and anyone who is
looking for soothing balm for the soul. There are many who will benefit
from Betsy Catlin’s words of hope. This book is now a permanent fixture
on my shelves.

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