Monday, December 15, 2008


The older I get the more I realilze that I don't like snow. I hate being cold and wet and dislike having to pull on hats, gloves and scarfs every time I go out. In my pefect world snow would start after Thanksgiving and leave right after the new year. Snow is kind of vital for making Christmas feel like Christmas. The only pleasant thing about snow though is that when big storm hit I can wrap myself up in a blanket and slippers and loose myself in a good book--not that I need an excuse to read, but there is something wonderful about reading a book when you can look out and see snow falling.

Review of "The Big Book of Sacrament Time Activities"

The Big Book of Sacrament Time Activities: Junior and Senior Editions by Jenna Mitchell were recently reviewed.

I am one of those mean moms that don't let their children do activities during sacrament meeting but I have found that our Sunday afternoons have been wasted away in front of the T.V. and I have been looking for some solutions to help my children enjoy the Sabbath.

I got these great activity books full of puzzles, word searches and games that help teach the scriptures and gospel principles. The Junior edition is still a bit too difficult for my four-year-old son but my eight-year-old daughter and I had a great time doing some of the puzzles together the last couple of Sundays. These are definitely a keeper.

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Author Karl Beckstrand to be on KUTV News

Karl Beckstrand, author of Anna's Prayer, will be featured on the KUTV 2 noon news (in Utah) today, 15 December. With the segment on him airing about 12.45 p.m. Anna's Prayer is the true story of ten-year-old Anna who arrives in Utah--not knowing anyone and unable to speak English. Anna learns that the Lord not only hears, but answers prayers.

Between now and Christmas, Karl will be signing his book at the following locations.

Provident Book
Wednesday, 17 December
4:30-8:00 p.m.
661 W State Street, Pleasant Grove, Ut

Sandy Costco
Friday, 19 December
4:00-8:00 p.m.
11100 Auto Mall Drive, Sandy, Ut

Murray Costco
Saturday. 20 December
10:00 a.m.-2:00 p.m.
5300 S. State Street, Murray, Ut

Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Review of "Alone But Not Lonely" by Paul Brandt

Marie Ricks on her blog recently reviewed Paul Brandt's book Alone But Not Lonely.
We all have loved ones--family members and close friends--who are single and searching for someone to love for forever. The singles we know are in all types of situations. They may have been searching for a spouse for just a few years or many years. They may be divorced or have lost a spouse. It is because there is someone in each one of our families or close circle of friends with special family needs that Paul S. Brandt's book, Alone But Not Lonely, is such a wonderful addition to the library of LDS books of help and encouragement for singles.

Alone But Not Lonely covers all aspects of loneliness and the difficulties of being single, especially in an LDS context. Brandt defines loneliness and answers the deep questions that most singles have about acceptance, love, faith, and hope. After ten chapters of instruction, encouragement, exercises, doctrine, and Brandt's "Four Weeks to More Joy and Love" program, Alone But Not Lonely culminates with seven empathetic essays written by LDS singles in unique situations.

Alone But Not Lonely is full of instruction, encouragement, and ideas for change. Based on his qualifications as a social worker, psychotherapist, marriage and family therapist, renowned speaker, and latter-day saint, Brandt is able to addresses the unique challenges of LDS singles in an encouraging, informative, understanding, and doctrinal-based way. Furthermore, in Alone But Not Lonely, Brandt is able to talk to his readers not as a therapist, a bishop, a father, or even a friend, but almost as if he were the voice of the readers themselves, reminding them what they believe, what hope there is to cling to, how to keep going day by day to find joy, and what they can change.

There is something powerful in a book like Alone But Not Lonely when its only weakness is that its page headers don't identify what chapter you're in. Paul Brandt's Alone But Not Lonely is an amazing find for anyone struggling with loneliness and the discouragements of being single.

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Thursday, December 4, 2008

Leatherwood Press author, Diana Mahony featured in an article

Daian Mahony, author of God Made Us to Laugh, was recently interviewed for an ABCNews. com article titled "Why Pain Makes Us Laugh."

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